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Current events as they relate to the Justice community

Dibora Yilma and Biruh Yilma dancing at International Night.


By Tess Maloney, Managing Editor
Published March 15, 2024

International Night:Gallery of Dreams Justice High School’s International Night took place on February 28th, 2024, at 6:30 pm. This is an annual event designed to highlight the unique...

The Fentanyl Epidemic

The Fentanyl Epidemic

By Yohannan Gugsa, Editor-in-chief
Published March 15, 2024

There have been five fentanyl overdoses, one of them fatal, in the Mason district area this 2023-2024 school year. In Fairfax County, there were four fatal overdoses in 2022. The use of any substance such...

Theater Program Performs Classic, ‘Beauty and The Beast’

By Fernanda Ventura Palomo, Staff writer
Published November 30, 2023

 Justice High School Students have been performing the classic Broadway musical,  Beauty and the Beast. All three shows are between November 9th through November 11th 2023. The curtains...

Proud Picks for Pride Month 2023

By Blue Linden, Web Manager
Published June 1, 2023

Justice High School, like many other schools, has a sizable queer population made up of students and staff. A decent portion of the Justice queer culture is taken up by queer media. Whether it’s books,...

Unrest in the Horn of Africa

By Graham Sage, Staff Writer
Published May 31, 2023

WARNING: This article contains sensitive material regarding conflict and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.In April 2023, clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), led by General Abdel...

The Forensics Team’s Success Isn’t Debatable

By Samantha Schrecker, Staff writer
Published May 22, 2023

In one of the most successful years yet, the Justice High School Forensics Team secured their fifth Occoquan Region 6C Title, as well as having eight students qualify for the state competition. This team...

Justice ‘Round The World: International Night Is a Success

By Yohannan Gugsa and Dania Eldirdiri
Published April 30, 2023

Justice High School’s International Night took place on March 21st at 7 pm, where students showcased diversity at Justice High School. There were performances, traditional fashion displays from countries...

Career Day Has Done Its Job

By Allison Lopez-Moirenda, Staff Writer
Published April 27, 2023

Justice High School held their first Career Day on Thursday, March 2nd during the school day. The purpose of Career Day was for students to get a better understanding of what they plan on pursuing in...

Sports during Ramadan

By Isra Yousif, Business Manager
Published April 26, 2023

Without food or water from dawn until sunset, Muslim athletes throughout Justice High School persevere in order to play a sport during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic...

Eden Center Redevelopment

By Yohannan Gugsa, Editor-in-chief
Published April 14, 2023

40 years ago the Plaza Seven Shopping Center became Eden Center. The Eden Center has been voted “best shopping center” by Washington city paper 2 years in a row. The Center is filled with Vietnamese...

Diagnosed Chronic Absentee: How Justice Handles Attendance

By Blue Linden and Lina Mohamed
Published March 22, 2023

Justice High School has fought for years to keep attendance high. According to the Department of Education, about 12% of students in Fairfax miss school for 15 days or more every year. In a school of...

STEM Partnerships at Justice High School

By Graham Sage, Staff Writer
Published March 10, 2023

Are you a student looking for a life changing STEM experience? Look no further than the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), which has summer and year-long apprenticeship opportunities in universities...

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