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Blue Linden, Web Manager

Blue Linden (she/they) is a student journalist and developer with three years of experience, starting in 7th grade. First in broadcast journalism, then in web journalism from 8th grade and beyond. Her programming experience spans a few fields, with about four years of Linux server administration and two years of web development under her metaphorical belt. That's why she works on the website. She works on a bunch of websites, actually.

She's a member of the GSA, check it out at @justicehs.gsa on insta or at

She develops a cool tool for student journalists (and their bosses) as the creator of Articleman at LibArticles.

She's also a member of the Justice Lit Mag.

She has a blog. She thinks it's worth your time. Out of pity, please direct your attention to Make her view count go up.

Art by Blue Linden

Here’s Why Your Teachers Are Underpaid

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published July 12, 2024

Teacher wages often decrease in Fairfax County, Virginia. Due to a fundamental flaw in how teacher pay is structured and teachers' former inability to negotiate with the school board on their contracts,...

Valentines Day: The single way

Valentines Day: The single way

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published February 14, 2024

The news cycle on Valentine’s day is too often dominated by tips and tricks on how to woo dates. The best treats for your bae, and a foolproof way to ask someone out. But not everyone lives like that!...

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published January 24, 2024

The Justice addition is going pretty well, however leaks have started showing up in some classroom ceilings. It's possible they were caused by the recent snow, the construction, or as Principal Tiffany...

Proud Picks for Pride Month 2023

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published June 1, 2023

Justice High School, like many other schools, has a sizable queer population made up of students and staff. A decent portion of the Justice queer culture is taken up by queer media. Whether it’s books,...

We’re all safe, don’t worry.

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published April 27, 2023
Hey, Wolves! The stay-put-stay-tuned security event earlier today was actually the result of a misunderstanding. According to an email sent to parents by Assistant Principal Colleen Lally, a starter pistol was mistaken for an actual firearm and was reported to FCPS Security, and there was never any real danger. Click to read the full email.

Make Sure You Adon’t Miss This

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published April 26, 2023

The Justice Theatre has some cool performances coming up! Have some well-deserved fun by going to and getting tickets to Much Ado About Nothing: Vegas Style! I don’t know what Vegas...

Diagnosed Chronic Absentee: How Justice Handles Attendance

By Blue Linden and Lina Mohamed / Published March 22, 2023

Justice High School has fought for years to keep attendance high. According to the Department of Education, about 12% of students in Fairfax miss school for 15 days or more every year. In a school of...

Welcome to The Verdict

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published January 24, 2023

Hi, folks. My name is Blue Linden, and I’m the web manager here at The Verdict. My job is to work with the ideas and people behind the website here. This project has taken four months to grow from...

Constructive Criticism: Why the Justice renovation is flawed

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published November 7, 2022

In 2023, Justice High School will begin a massive renovation, including 46,000 square feet of additional space, per Fairfax County Public Schools’ request, who hope to add increased capacity to the...

Sleepy Hollow Elementary, VA

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published October 24, 2022

US Capitol, DC

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published October 24, 2022

Lake Barcroft, VA

By Blue Linden, Web Manager / Published October 24, 2022

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