Searching, for Justice

The Verdict

Searching, for Justice

The Verdict

Searching, for Justice

The Verdict


Hot takes on current events and wounds still left open.

Its Parking Pandemonium! Where Will We Park Now?

It’s Parking Pandemonium! Where Will We Park Now?

School Renovation Limits Viable Parking For Staff And Students
Yohannan Gugsa and Isra Yousif
Published February 1, 2024

After losing 85 parking spots due to the ongoing construction, Justice High School’s administration made the choice to move staff parking to the front lot, inevitably reducing the number of...

 SciEng Extracurricular Award Ceremony 2019-13 by MMU Engage is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Upside of Extracurriculars

Diego Syar, Staff Writer
Published January 7, 2024

Extracurriculars impact students in a substantially positive way, even with time constraints like team activities. In particular, many students at Justice High School are involved in the International...

The End of Affirmative Action

The End of Affirmative Action

Tess Maloney, Managing Editor
Published December 10, 2023
Affirmative Action aims to give underrepresented communities better opportunities. So what happens when the Supreme Court calls it unfair toward the majority?
Art by Blue Linden

Tick T.O.K., Is It Really Time for a Change?

Maya Campbell, Layout Designer
Published June 6, 2023

A new structure will be implemented into Justice High School’s International Baccalaureate (IB) program next year. Currently, the IB course Theory of Knowledge (TOK), is only taken in senior year;...

Staff Sgt. Archie Arboleda, a recruiter for the U.S. Army’s New York City Recruiting Battalion, Queens Recruiting Company, is shown with a future recruit. (Courtesy U.S. Army Recruiting Command)

You’re In The Army Now!

Graham Sage, Staff Writer
Published April 30, 2023

In the past few months, you may have noticed the appearance of military recruiters here at Justice High School. The Army, Coast Guard, Air and Space Force, and the Marine Corps have all made appearances...

A photo, with the book Scott Pilgrim laying in front, with a sticky note saying references sexual content; behind it are This Book Is Gay by Juno Dawson, with Discusses reproduction, The Circle by Dave Eggers, noted with Discusses and depicts sexual content, How to tell if you cat is plotting to kill you, with the note discusses and depicts reproductive parts, and Walter Isaacsons Steve Jobs biography, noted with Contains foul, sexual profanity.

What is the Future of Virginia Education?

Alessandra Simmons-Robles, Managing Editor
Published April 26, 2023

Senate Bill 656, known as the sexual content law, passed on March 2nd of 2022, mandating parental notification of any sexually explicit content in instructional material and providing alternative, non...

A group of students stand behind a sign saying National District Champions, with a star colored in the American flag in the center.

Gender and Athletic Equity

Gabriela Simmons-Robles, Ad Sales Manager
Published March 22, 2023

The prevalence of gender inequality within athletics is a relevant issue on not only a professional scale but also within FCPS itself.  Athletic clubs and programs in FCPS are almost entirely...

An icon of a person runs across white crosswalk blocks that appear to be falling like dominoes, on a red background

Why Isn’t Traffic Safety a Way Bigger Deal?

Recently, Justice junior Lesly Diaz-Bonilla was fatally struck at the intersection where Columbia Pike meets Tyler Street. At this same spot in 2018, a mother and her daughter were injured by a hit-and-run...

Hold The Phone: FCPS Phone Policies

Hold The Phone: FCPS Phone Policies

Yohannan Gugsa, Editor-in-chief
Published November 7, 2022

As of June 2022, new phone policies were placed into the Student's Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R). These policies differentiate for each student depending on their grade.  The SR&R...

Art by Blue Linden

Constructive Criticism: Why the Justice renovation is flawed

Blue Linden, Web Manager
Published November 7, 2022

In 2023, Justice High School will begin a massive renovation, including 46,000 square feet of additional space, per Fairfax County Public Schools’ request, who hope to add increased capacity to the...

interior of abandoned building

Return Time, Hit or Miss?

Maya Campbell, Layout Designer
Published November 7, 2022

Justice High School provides return time during fourth period as an additional way for students to get extra help from teachers. However, does return time help students as much as the administration initially...

Fully In-Person Once More: What are the implications?

Fully In-Person Once More: What are the implications?

Alessandra Simmons-Robles, Managing Editor
Published May 12, 2022

Since 2020, the world has been on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, giving high school students an unusual past few years.This 2021-2022 academic year was the first in two years to be fully in-person...

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