Searching, for Justice

The Verdict

Searching, for Justice

The Verdict

Searching, for Justice

The Verdict

Proud Picks for Pride Month 2023

Art by Blue Linden

Justice High School, like many other schools, has a sizable queer popu­la­tion made up of students and staff. A decent portion of the Justice queer culture is taken up by queer media. Whether it’s books, TV shows, or movies, every­one at Justice has their own tastes for what’s gay. Some people like the charm­ing and heart­warm­ing, while others like drama or tragedy. Here are some personal faves to enjoy during Pride Month.


The Owl House

This show is about a queer Domini­can-Amer­i­can teen who stum­bles her way into a magi­cal new world called the Demon Realm. Being a kids show, it gets a little cheesy some­times, but it has pretty dark under­tones and is clas­si­fied as “Comedy-horror.” It has the achieve­ment of being the first Disney Chan­nel show with a bisex­ual main char­ac­ter, also the first with a nonbi­nary (mean­ing not clearly one of two genders) char­ac­ter. It’s on TV and Disney+, and parts are on YouTube.

Honorable mentions

  • Ted Lasso: While not gay in the earlier seasons, season three brings a lot of queer repre­sen­ta­tion into Ted Lasso’s beloved locker room. The show is about an Amer­i­can foot­ball coach going to England to coach English foot­ball, AKA soccer. Believe in believe, y’all. Ted Lasso is on Apple TV+, and it has some harsh language and crude jokes, giving it a TV-MA rating, but anyone twelve or older will be fine watch­ing it and will prob­a­bly find said jokes extremely funny.
  • She-ra and the Princesses of Power: A cute Netflix/Dreamworks adap­ta­tion of an 80’s show, She-ra puts queer char­ac­ters front and center. Every gay person tells every other gay person to watch it.


The Lumberjanes series by ND Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Brooklyn Allen, Grace Ellis, Kat Leyh, and Faith Erin Hicks

Oh my gosh, they are so gay. In a “camp for girls” that is surpris­ingly hard­core consid­er­ing its absurdly long name, mermaids end up being real, a myste­ri­ous bear woman abducts people, and dark truths about the past are revealed… All while the adorable crew of the Roanoke cabin trip over them­selves in adorable ways, from getting a pet raccoon to stum­bling across a troop of possessed Boy Scouts, to going on adven­ture with the afore­men­tioned bear lady… to earn a merit badge.

Honorable mentions

  • Drama by Raina Telge­meier: Theatre kids fall in love, some of them turn out to be gay, and every­one you care about ends up okay in the end. It’s charm­ing, and hits close enough to home to give you the feels, no matter who you like.
  • The House On The Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune: This book is so, so charm­ing. A group of orphans with cool powers they can’t control live in a house off the coast of a city, and a guy goes to inves­ti­gate them, only to fall in love with the direc­tor of the orphan­age. It’s about leav­ing the boring behind, and fully embrac­ing the weird­ness of the people you love.


The Mitchells Versus The Machines

It’s unde­ni­ably a kids movie. And the gayness of the main char­ac­ter isn’t a huge focus. But it’s a charm­ing movie, okay? It’s about learn­ing to love your family for who they are, and being happy with your­self. Many of the people that worked on Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse and The Lego Movie also worked on this, so it should be obvi­ous that the anima­tion crack­les with person­al­ity and raw chaotic energy. It almost looks like it was drawn by hand.

Honorable mention

Strange World: The main char­ac­ter is gay in this Disney movie that is surpris­ingly not a musi­cal. It’s about learn­ing how to accept some­one for who they want to be seen as, for what they want to do. The main char­ac­ter is gay and is completely adorable about it.

Bonus: Gay crush songs

Having a crush on some­one and know­ing they’ll never like you back sucks. Here are some good songs about that very expe­ri­ence that’ll help you get through those rough patches.

Wish You Were Gay, by Claud

This song is so sad, it’s like getting a punch to the gut from a rain­bow-colored fist.

Honorable Mentions

Sad songs

  • Vapor, by chloe moriondo
  • To Be Yours (feat. Claud), by ODESZA
  • Velcro (feat. Gus Dapper­ton), by spill tab
  • Why Am I Like This?, by Orla Gartland

Happy songs

  • Sunroof, by Nicky Youre & Dazy
  • Fruity, by chloe moriondo
  • Overnight, by Claud
  • Clear­est Blue, by CHVRCHES
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