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The Verdict

The Verdict

The Verdict

Marco Zapien, Copy Editor

My name Is marco Zapien and I am a proud member of the verdict. I chose this class because I want to improve my overall writing skills. (:

Stylized illustration of a column in front of Glasgow Middle School

The Glasgow Middle School Boundary Proposal

By Marco Zapien, Copy Editor / Published July 12, 2024

The Fairfax County School Board denied a revised proposal for a Glasgow Middle School boundary study, aimed at addressing issues of overcrowding on March 21, 2024. The outcome was decisive, with seven...

Spotlights: Black History Month

Spotlights: Black History Month

By Marco Zapien, Copy Editor / Published March 15, 2024

Every year in February, Black History Month prompts the opportunity to celebrate the impact that Black Americans have had throughout history. Along with being a celebration this month also serves as...

Justice’s Favorite Fall Treats

By Marco Zapien, Copy Editor / Published November 7, 2022

It's officially fall! The leaves are dropping, the weather is cooling down, but most importantly the fall food is reviving. With the change in season all your favorite tasty treats are coming back into...

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