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Allison Lopez-Moirenda, Staff Writer

Allison is currently a Senior and is on her first year year at the Verdict. During her free time she enjoys Journaling and Photography. She also enjoys hiking, playing with friends and watching the sunsets. Her favorite album is Dangerous by Morgan Wallen.


Mother’s Day 2023: The Best Gifts

By Allison Lopez-Moirenda and Bee Primrose / Published May 13, 2023

Mother's Day is a special occasion where we celebrate in various ways to express respect, honor, and the  love towards our mothers. Mother-figures are irreplaceable. They are the first people we...

Career Day Has Done Its Job

By Allison Lopez-Moirenda, Staff Writer / Published April 27, 2023

Justice High School held their first Career Day on Thursday, March 2nd during the school day. The purpose of Career Day was for students to get a better understanding of what they plan on pursuing in...

Student athletes succeed in the working world

By Allison Lopez-Moirenda, Staff Writer / Published March 15, 2023

Do athletes really use their skills outside of the game? Athletes are known for being super competitive and hard working, but can they really succeed in the world?According to IMG Academy, “many...

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