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Justice Students’ Winter Meal

During the winter season, we tend to stay inside due to the cold weather. A common winter activ­ity is cook­ing with family and friends to pass the time. Below are some Justice students’ favorite winter foods to enjoy during the holi­day season.



“My favorite drink to have during the holi­day season is my family’s home­made horchata. To make horchata, it takes a lot of milk, cinna­mon, and rice. I like to drink it because it is sweet but not too sweet. It is also very heavy on cinna­mon, and I really like cinna­mon. I like to enjoy horchata with my little sister because it is really good, and it is part of our culture. My family usually only drinks it on special occa­sions like holi­days or birth­days. The last few times I had horchata was for Thanks­giv­ing and Christ­mas,” said senior Robert Berrios.


Spinach and Artichoke Dip

“I like to have spinach and arti­choke dip during the holi­day season. It tastes really good, and my brother doesn’t like it so there is normally more of it during the holi­day dinner. We usually have the dip, as well as other appe­tiz­ers like a spiral cheese tray and corn dogs during the holi­days. I normally eat it with my close family and my mom’s friends, “ said fresh­man Maclain Monsky.


Mac and Cheese

“I like to have mac and cheese during the holi­day season because it is a clas­sic food to eat and it tastes really good. My mom makes it home­made, and I normally like to eat it during Thanks­giv­ing. I like to use a vari­ety of cheeses when making mac and cheese, and I like how creamy it is. I like to have it specif­i­cally during the winter­time because during the winter it is really cold, and mac and cheese is warm,” said junior Rudaina Ahmed.


Gingersnap Cookies

“During the holi­day season my favorite dessert to enjoy is my great grandma’s home­made ginger­snap cook­ies. I like them because they are simple but fun to make, and you can share them with friends and family members that can enjoy them too. It is a tradi­tion among my family to make these cook­ies every year during the holi­day season. I also enjoy them with any guests I have over during the holi­days,” said sopho­more Julia Franco.

We hope these deli­cious foods keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months. 

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